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Client Reviews

“I am extremely busy right now with showings and closings. Our team is in the process of learning the platform. I like what I see so far and am extremely excited to see what results are produced.”

Terri B.
“It is so easy to use! I just login, find my hot leads and plan my day around turning them into my next clients!”
Kara W.

“I LOVE how I already have 193 “HOT” leads identified in my CRM. I’m now calling through them, and can’t wait to see the results.”

Bill U.

“It was so cost-efficient to hire RAP Success Systems and their full-time trained team to make the prospecting calls I knew I was never going to have time for myself.”

Kathy Colville

“The leads I get are fresh leads that I’m able to work myself and I’m not going to be in competition with a lot of other people. Your SOI can only take you so far…The lead information I get from RAP Success Systems is accurate and good!”

Bill Urasky

“The amount of new business I’ve gotten from RAP Success Systems has changed my life.”

Amanda Hardesty

“One of the key benefits of RAPSS is Artificial Intelligence. I had a list of about 8,000 people and it was scored and watched on a regular basis…That’s so important!”

Perry Henderson
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